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Greeting Partners,

We're delighted to present the 8th Annual 

All partners should register and select in-person or virtual attendance.


As a reminder, partners are now classified as Active and General, based on participation in the previous year.

General Partners will have registration fully waived and will have access to the entire Summit via Zoom Events; however, SC3 will not be reimbursing flights or covering the cost of the hotel stay.

General Partners are welcome to attend in person; however, they must arrange their own travel and lodging.  


General participants will have access to our discounted rate.  


Rooms can be booked here:  

Active Partners should NOT book your own room.  If you are attending in person, register accordingly and the room is covered automatically by SC3. You will need to be prepared to cover the cost of incidentals at the hotel.

To review the travel policy



Travel information can be found 

Image by Will Francis

Creative Content participants attending in person must arrive no later than 4 pm EST, the start time of the first on-site class.

This is a working, business meeting. Partners should plan to bring a computer, tablet, or other smart device to take notes, vote, etc. We also encourage a Business Casual dress code. 

Businesswoman in Office
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